Build a platform

L2R is the crowdsourced politics search engine. A platform is the place in L2R where you can present links on a particular (fairly narrow) topic. For instance you might grow and maintain a platform on 'Populism in the 21st century'. Think of it as an 'Essential Reading' or 'Essential Data' collection, with citations for articles, visualizations, infographics, databases, videos, books, etc.

how to (platform)

What is a PLATFORM?

A platform is the place in left2right.org where you can gather and present links to materials on a particular (fairly narrow) topic. Think of it as an 'Essential Reading' or 'Essential Data' collection. For instance you might grow and maintain a platform on 'Coup d'├ętat'.

That sounds like curation

It does. You would be the Coup Curator. Or one of them, at least. Maybe someone will maintain a platform on 'Bloodless coups', or perhaps 'Failed coups'.

Where do these links lead?

The curator looks for the good stuff (or already knows where it is). For instance, she might decide that, of the 500+ articles returned in a Google search of 'Coups in South America', these twenty (20) are most interesting. And five (5) of them might exist in free full-text format, or three (3) include excellent infographics.

Not only web articles

Other stuff as well. She adds a citation linked to a documentary film on YouTube, and another to an interview of a historian. And another to an coup calendar maintained by Cornell University.

How will L2R grow?

L2R depends on the generosity, and the intellectual curiosity, of the political science community and its colleagues in related disciplines. As we accumulate a critical mass of original and linked material, various interest areas will emerge, curated not only by scholars but by professionals in other disciplines as well (e.g., non-profits, think tanks, foundations, lobbyists, activists).

Can I start a platform?

Absolutely. And we prefer that you declare a niche platform, like 'Civil unease in America's heartland' rather than the more general 'Civil rights'. You can create your own platform here.

Can I maintain several platforms?

We'd love that.

Can I just send L2R a single citation?

Sure. Just click here.

What if I cite the same thing as someone else?

We all repeat ourselves. We do.