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How we helped WKW increase traffic, intakes, & cases


Getting burned by previous marketing agencies

Wilson Kehoe Winingham is a personal injury law firm located in Indianapolis, IN. Their mission is to restore the lives of those who have been wrongfully injured, and their marketing goal is to become a major player in the Indianapolis market.

Before WKW began working with Metric, they worked with two other marketing agencies that claimed to be following Google’s best practices; however, as time went on, WKW became suspicious that the efforts were risky—and they were right. Their previous agencies were using black hat SEO tactics that risk being penalized by Google and simply do not work. Metric uncovered these issues and began cleanup, fixing over 40,000 spammy backlinks etc. Once the cleanup was complete, WKW was in a position to start rebuilding their domain authority.

What did we do?

How we cleaned up the mess and increased WKW’s traffic, leads, & cases

Like many law firms, WKW cared most about the results. If they were going to make a sizable investment into digital marketing, there needed to be a clear return. In the beginning of the relationship WKW was skeptical of working with another agency, and rightfully so. In order to build mutual trust, our team operated with full transparency and communicated our mission in working with them, along with justifications for any recommendations we make. Unlike their previous agencies, we did not lock them into long-term contracts. As an agency, we let our results speak for themselves.

Our mission: to drive qualified traffic to, increase intakes, and ultimately increase cases.

The website audit uncovered many items. We determined that in order to improve user experience and rank for the highly competitive legal terms, a complete website rebuild was needed. Having a beautiful site that is also custom-built for fast loading and performance is a solid foundation on which to build technical SEO strategies. In addition to improving SEO efforts, our team also wanted to look at other avenues that would drive cases; things like paid search, paid social, community outreach, referring attorney outreach, email marketing, and more.

Before jumping right into execution, we first started with research and development..

The process:

  1. Research & development: search engine optimization (SEO) and paid strategies
    • Perform technical audits
    • Perform keyword and competitor research
    • Develop buyer personas
    • Develop SEO strategies
    • Develop paid advertising strategies
  2. Brand guide & website rebuild
    • Ensure the look and feel of the site matches the quality of the law firm
    • Organize site navigation, URL structure, and internal linking structure to be optimized for both human users and search engines
    • Ensure website can be easily edited updated by WKW team
    • Build according to Google’s webmaster & accessibility guidelines, including mobile-first design principles
  3. Onboard HubSpot, a marketing CRM
    • Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tool in order to enable A/B testing, on-site reporting, enhanced lead and intake tracking, and marketing automation
  4. Increase online visibility and generate qualified leads
    • Implement SEO strategies—including site speed improvement, site structure optimization, building out Google My Business listing, improved keyword targeting, and content development—to increase awareness and drive qualified traffic to
    • Implement paid advertising strategies—including paid search and paid social to reach a variety of buyer personas, from injury victims to referring attorneys. Constantly examine ad performance and optimize for conversion of prioritized case types

to Referring Attorneys

The Results on the Back End

By executing a multi-channel marketing strategy, we have seen a large influx in traffic, intakes, and cases over the past few years.

Organic average position data (December 2019 → April 2021)

Organic average position data (December 2019 → April 2021)

Traffic data (June 2017 → April 2021)

Traffic data (June 2017 → April 2021)

Intake data (2018 → 2020)

Intake data (2018 → 2020)

Continued work with WKW

Metric’s team has continued to work very closely with WKW over the past 5 years. By tying HubSpot data with WKW’s case data in TrialWorks, our team was able to analyze various elements of the activity funnel, from intakes to cases opened, to cases settled. Through this data analysis, it was determined which case types are the most profitable, and which have the highest probability to settle. From there, we prioritize our marketing efforts accordingly.

As a result, WKW has experienced a 2x increase in their preferred types of cases.

About WKW

"Metric has been essential in our marketing initiatives at WKW. From untangling the past SEO issues created by previous partners to helping develop a more client-centric digital experience, they manage to both take direction and provide recommendations that help us realize success. We are still growing our online presence and realizing new benchmarks, and we would not be here without the assistance, guidance, and professionalism of the Metric Marketing team."

Eric Strickler

Director of Marketing @ WKW

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